Explore the history & evolution of modern Embroidery

What is Embroidery?

The craft of Embroidery is when an fabric or other material is decorated with thread or yarn. Embroidery may also utilize beads, sequins or other materials for extra effect. Embroidery is most often used on baseball hats, jackets, golf shirts, and the classic handkerchief. Embroidery uses a wide range of colored threads to achieve the desired design.

Embroidery uses the following stitching techniques: chain, button hole, running, satin, and cross stitch.

Embroidery History

Embroidery dates back to the middle ages, where the church was its biggest customer, using high quality embroidery on everything from bibles to priest’s clothing.

In addition to religious organizations using embroidery, wealthy nobility were also fans of the fancy stitch, with most households employing embroiders to apply unique designs to clothing, furniture and various household items. Books were written by these craftsman and women that depicted the types of stitches used as well as providing general instructions, the required tools, materials and other important embroidery information.

Embroidery Uses

As with silk screening, embroidery was used on a wide variety of surfaces and materials, and over time it was used to create works of art – primarily canvas, which was then framed and hung on the wall as you would with a painting.

In addition, embroidery was used extensively on furnishings such as embroidery covered chairs and other seated furniture. At the time another popular and common use was creating elaborate embroidered bed coverings. Women would learn how to create elaborate embroidery by their early teens and the skill was seen as preparation for married life, then when they married and were wealthy enough to hire servants to take care of household chores, they would spend their leisure time on embroidery.

Types of Embroidery

There are two primary types of embroidery.
1.) Free hand embroidery – pieces were done free hand, without following any set pattern or design and without regard to the underlying weave of the fabric being used.
2.) Counted thread embroidery – using a premade pattern with a specific number of stitches, counted thread embroidery was and is the more popular of the two.

By the mid 1800’s the industrial revolution was in full swing and the first mass produced embroidery emerged, using a combination of machine looming and hand embroidery.

Modern Embroidery

Today we use embroidery for a variety of applications. Some of the most common include customized logo embroidery and personalized slogans. Modern embroidery is machine made, utilizing computer software similar to that of a CNC machine would, where a design is fed into the computer software, which then translates the design into individual stitches of the embroidery pattern.

The most common items that embroidered designs are stitched into include baseball hats, sweatshirts, jackets and sportswear such as golf shirts.  Embroidery is also used on items such as bath linens and bedding, handkerchiefs and even luggage. Embroidery adds a personal touch and makes the items you’re embroidering unique.

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