Custom Shirts Toronto

Shirt Customization in Toronto

The ability to customize and design your own shirt is fun, easy and adds personality to your clothing. Diamond Silkscreen & Embroidery makes it easy for you to create your own shirt from scratch.

Types of Shirts

The most common type of shirt used in Toronto to create custom shirts is the ever faithful tshirt. Made from cotton and with a perfect printing surface, tshirts make the perfect medium for silk screen printing. And the fact that t-shirts are the most popular type of clothing doesn’t hurt either.

Other types of apparel used to create custom shirts, include golf shirts and polo shirts, which are normally customized using a logo, or team emblem. Another type of shirt used to create custom shirts, is the short or long sleeved dress shirt, otherwise known as the button shirt. These are typically used by Toronto businesses that want to create a more professional appearance for their employees.


There are several ways you can customize your shirts – 1) Silk Screen Printing, 2) Embroidery, and 3) Silk Screening & Embroidery.

Toronto based Diamond Silkscreen & Embroidery provides any combination of silkscreen and embroidery so you can create a truly unique shirt.

Custom Shirt Designs

Diamond offers thousands of premade designs for shirts including all the typical funny tshirts, music tshirts, vintage tshirts, sports team tshirts – hockey, football, etc… or you can create a completely unique custom tshirt by designing your own. All you need to do is send us either a digital file with something that you’ve created on your computer, or you can even send us a basic sketch of what you’re looking for and we’ll “pretty” it up, send it back to you for approval, and then print your tshirts.

Another popular customization option is using a combination of embroidery with silk screening. In these cases most our Toronto clients prefer to have an embroidered logo or emblem put on the chest of the shirt and a silkscreen design on the back.

Diamond also offers a complete selection of “blank” clothing for you to use for your silk screening or embroidery designs. We offer a huge variety of shirts, from tshirts, button shirts, even hats, luggage and bags, jackets, fleeces, sweaters and much more. Be sure to check out our Custom Clothing for all the options.

There is no end to how you can customize shirts, so get creative and make yourself a custom shirt that you won’t see anyone else in Toronto wearing!

Custom Shirt Quantities

At Diamond you can order 1 shirt or 10,000 shirts, the choice is yours. Read our Ordering Information page for more information on scheduling & timing, shipping in Toronto and beyond.

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